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Major incident management and super-fast, uninterruptible communication for shopping centres and more.

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Alert Communication Suite

Alert Communication Suite ensures that many of the UK’s high profile crowded places, shopping centres, entertainment venues and arenas have cutting-edge technology to handle major incidents, terrorist threat plus firearms and weapons attacks. Our ‘Shop Alert’ system is widely recognised as an industry leader in protecting some of the UK’s most iconic shopping centres and retail venues and has done so since 1992. 

The system has developed to provide a wider scope of security and superfast day-to-day communication tools and complementary mobile and web apps. It builds on the security core and adds apps to improve efficiency, aid commercialisation, labour-saving and R.O.I.

Alert CS (Communication Suite) is indeed a complete suite of security, communication, efficiency boosting and commercialisation apps. Let us help you meet your compliance requirements, brand reputation whilst enhancing daily operations. Call us now or fill in our contact form for more information or to arrange a free no-obligation demonstration.

Alert 2020 Apps & Modules

Communication Apps

Instant communication from centre staff to retail units via the 20-20 touchscreen keypads.

Compliance Apps

Easily report spills in units or common areas to swiftly deal with incidents.

Delivery Scheduling

Delivery scheduling portal is a configurable booking system. Allows retailers to book delivery slots online.

Major Incident Apps

Modern major incident management places a great deal of emphasis on the necessity for efficient communication.

Retailer's Handbook

Retailer’s handbooks are available to view at any time via the tenant-tablet.

Security Apps

See the exact location of activations on the Shop Alert floor plan and obtain a full log and incident report facility.

Complimentary Mobile App

Alert 2020 now comes with a complimentary mobile app available on IOS and Android.

Web News Portal

Web News Portal allows you to deliver centre news to your retailers electronically.

The Tenant Tablet Operates During a Wi-Fi Blackout

During a WiFi blackout many systems will fail to operate. Our unique hard-wired solution will continue to work even in a power cut for a further 12 hours. Alert 2020 is fixed into retail units directly giving you the confidence that devices cannot be lost, stolen or run out of charge.

Offering tailored solutions.

This all-embracing range of apps is seen as key in Shop Alert’s mission to assist centres to become Stay Safe environments.


Security you control

Alert 2020 communication suite comes with a complimentary mobile app available on IOS and Android. Allowing centres to bring RMU’s and Pop-Ups into the scheme at no extra cost. The App also allows direct communication with all retailers beyond the perimeter of the shopping centre.

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